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Rock eyez review (4/5)

Martin Sweet was one of the innovators of the highly popular Swedish band CRASHDIET and many fans are still anticipating their return but in the meantime Sweet has formed a new project called SWEET CREATURE, which he takes over lead vocals and guitar duties. He is not the only shining star in the band as Tin Star of GEMINI FIVE, another band I love, was recruited for bass with Martins’ brother Michael of TOXICROSE handling drums. Rounding out the band is death metal guitarist Linus Nirbrant of THIS ENDING.

Their debut release ‘The Devil Knows My Name’ really doesn’t stray far from the passion of CRASHDIET. With nine tracks SWEET CREATURE can hold the torch that made Swedish sleaze metal a staple for many. The disc starts off with possibly one of the best tracks in “Not Like Others” (it currently has 24,000 views on YouTube ). The song is pure anthem style and captures the battle cry for the sleaze community to rise up again. “Time To Move On” is another spot on track specially with Martin’s vocals and lead guitar.

The title track “The Devil Knows My Name” has the slicing vibe of CRASHDIET. Just listening I hear DIET all over this tune as chills run up and down my arm. It’s fast-paced, straight forward rock n roll….Martin goes off on the solos as well.

Slowing things down “Purpose In Life” shows a melodic and sentimental side to SWEET CREATURE and shows off the talent that consists in the band.

“Away From You” just shows the magic that Martin brings to the band. The lyrics and the way Martin handles vocals on each track shows pure class. The breaks and elevation bring life to the songs.

“Our Moment” has the harmonies that have always been an essential part of CRASHDIET and SWEET CREATURE holds that same element. It might just be me but do I hear an echo from above cheering “Our Moment” on!

The band speeds it up a little with “Fifteen Minutes” as Michael TXR and Tin Star hook up and show some amazing chops. This is just some tantalizing fun here.

Ending the disc is “Perfect Day” and it ends on a killer note. All I can say about this song besides being good is BACKGROUND vocals! Harmonies and backgrounds vocals can make or break you and SWEET CREATURE has mastered that on ‘The Devil Knows My Name’.