SWEET CREATURE is a hard rock group from Sweden, formed in 2015 by Martin Sweet, best known as lead guitarist for sleaze rockers CRASHDÏET. Together with brother Michael of ToxicRose on drums, Tin Star of Gemini Five on bass, and longtime songwriting partner Linus Nirbrant from This Ending on rhythm guitar, the group released their debut album “The devil knows my name” in October 2016 and has received som great reviews around the globe.
The self-produced album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Linus’ own Audiogrind Studio.

Martin, who is handling the lead vocals, describes the sound as classic hard rock with gloomy melodies and lyrics.

”I have all these songs that don’t necessary fit into the CRASHDÏET formula, so I figured it was time to work with other musicians. I’ve always sung on my own demos so taking on the lead vocals is nothing new to me. ” – Martin


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photo: jimmy johansson


Martin Sweet –  lead vocals, lead guitar
Michael TXR – drums
Linus Nirbrant – vocals, rhythm guitar
Tin Star –  bass



Martin Sweet has been in CRASHDÏET for over a decade with 4 albums and extensive global touring under his belt. Linus, a studio technician and death metal guitarist, has a long history of writing and recording with Martin. They started working on the project as an experiment in 2014 with a goal of recording a simple four-song EP. The project however, was so satisfying that the decision to make an album was inevitable.
SWEET CREATURE is the devilish character from the cover illustration created by A.FYRA.
“He’s called Vester and lives inside us all.” – Martin

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“CRASHDÏET is not over, it’s just sleeping and recovering from the past 10 years of mayhem. Meanwhile, I’m truly excited about SWEET CREATURE.” – Martin