10 min live recap

Live @ Pub Anchor, Stockholm Sweden. Sorry for the shitty sound quality.. //SWEET

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Review by Sleaze Roxx

This is definitely an album that has caught me by surprise. Since early April 2016, the various songs on the debut album of Crashdïet guitarist Martin Sweet‘s new project Sweet Creature have been slowly getting released. I enjoyed each song but was not overly enamoured by any in particular. There was definitely a more modern […]

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Review by Heavy Metal Time machine

Self-described by it’s front-man as “old school hard rock with gloomy lyrics and melodies”, Sweet Creature is a brand new hard & heavy quartet that hails from the capital of Sweden (Stockholm) and is made up of musicians from Crashdïet, ToxicRose, This Ending, and Gemini Five. The full-length “The Devil Knows My Name” is this […]

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Rock eyez review (4/5)

Martin Sweet was one of the innovators of the highly popular Swedish band CRASHDIET and many fans are still anticipating their return but in the meantime Sweet has formed a new project called SWEET CREATURE, which he takes over lead vocals and guitar duties. He is not the only shining star in the band as […]

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